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Trump’s Terrible Tariffs

This year the Spring 2109 issue of my alumni magazine from the University of Wisconsin-Madison printed a brief article titled, “What’s the Tiff About Tariffs?”

In this article, U.W. Economics professor, Menzie Chinn, alleged that Trump’s tariffs are failing to protect domestic U.S. industries from foreign competition.

In previous posts on Brucenomics, the earliest on December 2016, “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” and the latest on March 12, in “Word of the Day — Tariffs“, I argued that Trump’s tariffs were not likely to improve the U.S. economy.

In early 2018, when I first read about President Trump’s tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel, I worried his actions might well drive the U.S. into the arms of oligarch-owned companies in Russia. Previously we had bought the bulk of those two raw materials from Canada.

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Word of the Day — Mirror Trades?

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Recently Congresswoman Maxine Waters from California announced on the news that her committee was reviewing “mirror trades” made at Deutsche Bank

What Is Mirror Trading?

Investopedia calls mirror trading a useful strategy for investors to use in forex (foreign exchange) markets to make money from arbitraging the differences between currency exchanges located in different countries or areas of the world.

Financial institutions make this strategy available only to larger investors.

Mirror trading involves the use of computer algorithms to test trades to determine accuracy of results of the trade when made in different places (i.e. in different markets).

Of course, most people use the forex market to exchange currency at fair market rates when we travel abroad, or when doing business with foreign country entities.

The forex market is the largest market in the world with currencies worth trillions of dollars traded every day. However the major forex markets are largely dominated by banks in just a handful of countries—including the U.S.

Deutsche Bank’s Illegal Mirror Trades

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No Person is Above the Law

Really? Are we sure about this?  In 2018 police in the United States shot and killed 998 people.

photos from Luther Bottrill on Unsplash.comHow is it that policemen and policewomen in the U.S are allowed to shoot and kill people, even unarmed people, whenever “police think their own lives are in danger?”

Just think about this for a minute.

Think about the young black boy, Tamar Rice, age 12, playing in a park who was shot and killed seconds after a Cleveland cop arrived. Tamar was murdered because the young man waved a toy gun at the officer. A precious life lost in seconds!

When I was that boy’s age many of us played on the street or in back yards with cap guns, squirt guns, and even air pellet guns that looked like real guns. None of us died back then. What’s different now?

Certainly not just racism! I heard racist language and saw far more racist acts when I was young than nowadays. Nor is the reason that real guns back in my day wouldn’t have killed a policeman. In big cities like Philadelphia in the 1960s, those guns did kill policemen.

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