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When I first started to blog on Brucenomics.com I added on my side bar books that talked about how right-wing conservatives were setting up within Academia from coast to coast, a Scheme that even spread as far as Russia late in the twentieth century.


The East Coast Scheme was funded by two conservative right-wing academics’ grants:  James M. Buchanan, Nobel Prize winner, and Gordon Tullock at George Mason University.

All during the 20th century these men sought funds to spread their plans to to weaken our Supreme Court. They were Libertarians who wanted to create a smaller government in the United States.

These Libertarian Academics provided federal judges with workshops in Florida every summer – with all expenses paid to lecture them in libertarian views of smaller government, good food, and access to golf courses.

The West Coast Scheme of our century is being now being funded by billionaires. (The Koch family members and other oil barons) The West Coast is now passing  piles of dark money to put federal judges aiming ultimately to get favors done for the male members at the Supreme Court.

Back in the late 20th century many right-wing politicized groups were forming, like those in the Tea Party. As a back-of-the book indexer, I created a ten volume book index set for for Tullock and Buchanan. These Tea Party books often had identified the word “liberty” in its titles and pages.

Senator White House calls them ‘Front Groups’

The Senator’s book, The Scheme is far more comprehensive than my earlier blogs. So today I’m going to talk about a few of the pages from Senator Whitehouse’ book because they are is as shocking as the Alioto upside-down American flag.


Starting on Page 124, here is how Senator Whitehouse’ Book is comparable to how Donald Trump’s Hush money trial is similar to how the Supreme Court operates.

The Donald Trump Hush money trial was about hiding the truth about a former President so rich and powerful   that he conspired to fool the public that his comtemt of women was not revealed to the public.

The male Justices at SCOTUS also are so powerful they too have taken millions of dollars from dark money billionaires who have an axe to grind.

Justices, Thomas,  Alioto, and Gorusch et.al. are not taking cases from the American people –  they are making up cases, inviting their ‘Front Groups’ in to find someone who will win their cases for them or lose in court.

These justices do not rely on precedent or real facts of their made-up cases. Justice Thomas is clearly there to kill precedents. And these days, they only talk in turns about hypotheticals and ridiculous upside-down ideas. These justices are so keen to bury precedents and real facts. And then to rake in lots of dark money .

For years  they have relied on  5 to 4 court rulings to get their pet peeves accepted by the phony results in their fake cases.

And just like Donald Trump they take all the money these male justices can while the female justices protest against their lost cases and cry.


On page 127 there is an example of a union-busting case involving  Justice Gorsuch who was appointed in 2017.

The  5 to 4 court  results reopened  and the Front Groups’ rushed in on the question of unions “fair share dues”. The male Justices created a fast lane to the Supreme majority that they were so eager to throw out the union’s law case. As it turned out even with all the rush they were too late.

Justice Scalia died before the case was decided, depriving the union-busting 5-4 door reopened.

“The party in that second case as with an amicus plaintiff, Mark Janus, a home health aide, was in the Friedrichs case.  Justices asked Janus to lose the case. Justice Gorsuch rushed back to the friendly Supreme Court–with no record, no witnesses, no evidence of the likely consequences of the ruling. Gorsuch voted as predicted, and out went a precedent that unions, cities, and states that had been forty years old.”

Note: I have worked in several factories with unions during my life. At the first factory a woman from Europe felt that she was a faster worker than the rest of us when the union was formed. She said she would not pay her share of dues that the rest of us owed. The union lost most of their battles and management took away their pay for overtime. This happened just as I left to drive away to college in the Sixties.

SOURCES : See also Supreme: Court can’t collect ‘fair share’ fees

[Think that union happened decades long ago?  No! It was in 2018.] And as I write this Justice Alito is perhaps now now airing out his pet peeves on some other fake case.]


Back in the  Spring 2019 issue of my alumni magazine from the University of Wisconsin-Madison printed a brief article titled, “What’s the Tiff About Tariffs?

At the same time a British BBC headline on March 6th 2019 alleged that Trump Dealt Blow as US deficit Jumps Higher.

U.W. Economics professor, Menzie Chinn, alleged that Trump’s tariffs are failing to protect domestic U.S. industries from foreign competition.

My previous posts on Brucenomics, were the earliest on December 2016, “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” and later on in February 2018 “Trumps’ Trade and Infrastructure Weaknesses”.

Previously in the spring of 2018, when I first read about President Trump’s tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel, I worried his actions might well drive the U.S. into the arms of oligarch-owned companies in Russia. Formerly, the US had bought the bulk of those two raw materials from Canada.

U.W.’s alumni magazine, On Wisconsin that year 2019 confirmed my fears.

Professor Chinn and other experts note that unintended consequences have negatively affected companies which depend upon the pricing of aluminum and steel, particularly companies in the U.S. construction industry.

Professor Chinn’s sentiments about these two raw materials are echoed in a recent article from the Council on Foreign Relations on January 28, 2019, “Trump’s Tariffs are Killing American Steel”

Professor Chinn anticipates that there will be negative outcomes for U.S. workers from President Trump’s actions, a concern I brought up in 2016 after Trump won the election.

That’s because after President Trump imposed tariffs on their goods, and it made other countries retaliate against the U.S.

Trump’s reliance on rarely-used trade laws have created short- and long-term uncertainty in several markets. This has created a reluctance for lenders to lend and US domestic companies to expand.

Also because long supply chains are common in manufacturing industries (like the auto industry, for example).

In On Wisconsin, UW’s alumni magazine, Professor Chinn is quoted as saying he thinks there is a “misunderstanding”in Trump’s mind about what tariff protection does”.

That’s putting things nicely! I don’t think Trump deserves such kindness. I’m still worried about who we are going to buy our steel and aluminum from!

Will Russian oligarchs, Oleg Deripaska, primary investor in the world’s largest aluminum producer, RUSAL, and Alexander Abramov, head of Russia’s largest steel company, Everaz, ultimately be the beneficiaries of Trump’s tariff wars—while American farmers, manufacturers and consumers continue to bear the brunt of Trump’s disastrous economic policies in the future?

And it isn’t just American steel, aluminum, construction and auto industries that are being so severely damaged either! I worry that American farmers and consumers are also beginning to find themselves in dire straits.

This week, where I live, we’ve already seen a $1 increase in the price for a single avocado after Trump merely threatened to close the U.S. Border with Mexico.

While he has stood down for now, Donald Trump is still holding the “sword of Damocles” over our heads— threatening to shut down billions of dollars in trade at our Southern border right before the 2020 election.

Our President’s penchant for regaling his followers with his “poor me” and “poor us” stories of persecution of himself and our country by scores of  “bad guy” enemies both here and abroad is leading our country straight into big, big trouble—way before 2020!


Today I want to talk about something that isn’t political, but it is something that many people won’t have heard about. Back in January 1970 my mother and I were sitting in Willi Unsoeld’s house. Willi was a member of the first American mountain expedition to summit Mount Everest. He and my brother Bill Humphreys had overseen the founding of Evergreen State College in Washingon.

My brothers’ two boys had just drowned in Puget Sound. I’d flown to Washington from the UW-Madison in campus in Wisconsin. My mother and I were the first to arrive. Our two families were there in mourning. We walked over to Willi’s house near by my brothers’ home.

Willi sat at his piano bench telling us a Tibetan story about an antlered buck that had become tangled in a tree on the mountain. Sherpa guides tried for days to free it. And then they had to let go of it. At the time my mother and I were both bewildered.

Willi’s daughter, Devi Unsoeld, my nephews babysitter age 16 walked in and joined the conversation along with her older brother. Devi had golden yellow hair and an amazing vitality. Devi announced to her father she wanted to hitchhhike across the state of Washington.

Her brother reacted and argued that would be a dangerous thing to do. Being older, I sided with him. I don’t know if Devi hitchhiked across Washington State.

But I was sent the story that when Devi died on the on the mountain in her fathers’ arms, she had been named after that highest mountain, Nanda Devi, in the Himalayas.

[For more about Willi and Devi Unsoeld’s stories LINK http://footlesscrow.blogspot.com/2013/04/darkness-at-noonthe-life-and-death-of.html]

LONG HAUL: Hunting the Highway Serial Killers.

Today I realize Willi’s story meant that if you can’t save or change someone you just must move on and don’t dwell on it.

But today I cannot not dwell on it, and I  have to tell you all about Frank  Figliuzzi’s book, LONG HAUL: Hunting the Highway Serial Killers.

Former FBI agent Frank Figliuzzi has just just revealed in his book that there a have been over 850 serial murders of women by Long Haul Truckers in this country over the last two decades. Two hundred of those murders have still not been solved.

Frank worked 25 years in the FBI. He was witness to many of those stories of the murderers. Frank even rode with long haul truckers to see how their world was working.

Frank’s book talks about how the (HSKI) (Highway Serial Killings Initiative)  came to became to be a database for law-enforcement officers to understand the actions of serial killers.

In 2004, the FBI was tipped off to a  pattern of unsolved murders along American roadways. The bodies of 40 women were found in Texas.

There was an interstate murderous long haul highway corridor between Oklahoma and Texas. [See link below]

Frank found that women and girls who fell victim to the murderers often lived nearby their trucker route, or were sex workers or children. Many of the serial killers were also lone wolves.

The Mirror Texas Interstate 45

https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/killing-field-road-bodies-40-15055235 The Mirror Texas Interstate 45

You may think that the 850 ‘victims’ are women or girls who lived at the bottom of society, but you would be  wrong.  I’ve seen teenagers sitting on the sidewalk in Vancouver Canada, who like myself at age 17, were forced to move out of their parents’ toxic homes. They are  a vulnerable meal for serial killers.


Later in my life in Philadelpia I encountered a serial killer near the University of Pennsylvania students, who chopped up his ‘victims’ and threw their bodies into the Schuylkill River.

At this point I was a student and he was still killing his victims. He owned a tobacco shop. I went into his store late at night after I finished my work as waitress at the the Penn faculty club to buy cigarettes.

The killer came out of from a beaded curtain, a short white man pleasantly balding a bit with a white shirt and the arms rolled up, and asked me nicely what I wanted. Just a regular chap.

But soon I could see he was trying to ingratiate himself with me. Panic growing, and asking myself why I was lying, I saved myself by lying to every question he asked me, and then ran out the door.

Days later I passed the gigantic type on the Philly newspaper headline as well as photo of him in a kiosk as I shivered down to the subway stairs. It was a horrible story for the students.

Devi Unsoeld was a privaleged young woman who died tragically, doing something she had chosen to do. I feel both my nephews Willy and Tom, and Devi could have had great opportunities if they all had lived.

But serial killers don’t give their victims, whether or not at the top or bottom, a choice.