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Two Mystery Writers Who Tackle Dark Money

With the tragic outcome of the murders at the Pittsburgh synagogue this year, the mail bombs sent to prominent Democrats, and the upcoming midterm elections, it’s hard to focus on anything but our own country these days.

Nevertheless, there is another story of dark money flowing not just in America but in much of the world that, like Sean McFate’s political thriller series, is being portrayed by nonfiction authors and mystery book writers rather than our news media.

That story is about opioid addiction. Estimates in the United States alone are that 80,000 Americans died of overdoses last year. Opioid deaths are fast outstripping heart attacks as the number one cause of death here.

Today I’ll be writing about two of my favorite mystery series writers’ latest books about the political corruption and ethical dilemnmas raised by opioid epidemics happening in other countries.

These authors are Louise Penny and Donna Leon. Louise Penny’s series are set in Canada. Donna Leon’s series are set in Italy. Continue reading →

Dark Money and the Adventures of Tom Locke

In my last post, I used the word “global” in the title because dark money is not just an American phenomena—it’s now a world-wide phenomenon.

Dark money is not only used by billionaire scions in the U.S. but also by some oligarchs, sheiks, businessmen, political players, and government leaders around the world. These super-rich people are not libertarians or even ideologues. They make deals via private banks and back channels merely to enrich themselves further and gain power.

With money and mercenaries at their beck and call, these shadow figures are pulling strings to get what they want.

So, if you want to know more about how deep states and dark money work, I highly recommend Sean McFate’s fiction series featuring his American mercenary hero, Tom Locke. Continue reading →

Dark Money and the Anti-State – Global Libertarianism

James M. Buchanan’s Legacy

I may sound like a conspiracy theorist by titling this series, Dark Money and the Deep Anti-State, and by saying in my last post that if Brett Kavanaugh is put on the Supreme Court we may be seeing the end of our American democracy.

But I assure you there is ample documentation in two books, Jane Mayer’s Dark Money and Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains, to back up my assertions. In particular, I recommend reading Chapter 10, “A Constitution with Locks and Bolts,” of MacLean’s book.

In Chapter 10, MacLean lays out in chilling details James’ Buchanan’s successful strategy to help dictator General Pinochet in Chile to destroy democracy in that country. Together Buchanan and the military junta who ousted Salvador Allende changed the Chilean Constitution to lock out the majority from ever changing their Constitution.

Following that coup, the wealthy were now in control of that country. Soon after Buchanan’s success, the number of Chileans living in poverty increased by over 100%. In 1970, the OECD ranked Chile lowest of developed economies when it came to decreasing wealth inequality. Continue reading →