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Ari Melber’s “Inside Trump’s Election Plot”

This show on MSNBC TV this month shows clearly how Donald Trump could have won the 2020 election on January Sixth.

1) COURT CASES Trying to get up to Supreme Court, Rudy Giuliani & Sidney Powell spearheaded fifty-seven frivolous cases for court – seven not heard, fifty others (2021)  – FAILED

2) FAKE ELECTORS  Scott Perry, PA Congressman, convinced Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief of Staff,  to recruit slates of Fake Electors in Swing States (11/28) – FAILED

3) EASTMAN PLAN Student Law clerk to Justice Thomas & Professor, John Eastman urged GOP State legislators ignore the vote, & take over  results (“Legislative Override”) (12/7) – FAILED

4) MILITARY COUP  Peter Navarro, Michael Flynn, and Sidney Powell urged Trump to have military seize State voting machines (12/18) – FAILED

5) GREEN BAY SWEEP GOP gathered & locked out outsiders. Eastmans’s plan. 130 Congressmen & 8 Senators were ready to challenge votes on Jan. 6th – (12/31) – FAILED

6) LEGISLATURE OVERRIDE – Trump & Senator Graham phoned officials in Georgia to find Trump more votes and called on GOP State legislators to take power over votes – (1/2) FAILED

7) DOJ CONSPIRACY – Trump sought to fire Justice Dept. head & hired Jeffrey Clark attorney with no criminal expertise. Clark’s assistant sent letters to Swing States’ GOP to begin Legislative Overrides(1/3) FAILED

8) THE PENCE PLAN – Eastman designated VP Pence Green Bay Sweep Quarterback. Pence was badgered day and night to slow down the vote and substitute fake electors for the certification of votes (1/6) – FAILED


When the Secret Service took President Trump back to the White house and he realized his rioters were not going to be able to win their battle with the police, Trump spent his last hours on January Sixth calling Rudy Giuliani and his loyal GOP Congressmen begging them to slow down the vote certification. But that was too late. Why? Donald had a Plan B deadline.


By law if any of Donald Trump’s eight coup plans had managed to work to halt the vote certification it could have caused a Constitutional Crisis. In that case Congress would be called upon to vote to finish the certification a different way. Congress would have to vote State by State: each State having only 1 vote. Red states would win that vote over fewer Blue states in U.S. Donald Trump would have become President on January Seventh – SUCCESS


Over many decades of sports watching, I’ve become more and more suspicious about the NFL and NBA referees and coaches with each passing year, growing ever surer that there is gigantic game-fixing going on—with no limits on betting that take poor schmucks to the cleaners. It’s billions of dollars we’re talking about. It’s way more than baseball or horse racing betting! It’s Las Vegas gone amok.

Earlier this year I watched a San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors basketball game. Right at the end Derrick White was flailing and so were the other great three point shooters in that team.

The Spurs have beaten a lot of great teams this year but always seemed to peter out at the end and they remain at the bottom of the Western league. Even the Golden State announcers commented about this on TV!

Early this year I learned the word for what I observed in many of those games. Continue reading →

Word of the Day – Voter Fraud – Yes Virginia It Does Exist

 Today as the January 6th committee takes a two week break from TV after this last show on Tuesday June 28th, I was surprised to learn that there was news of actual voter fraud this year on June 6th, 2022.

I was alerted to this truly real voter fraud by my step-sister who lives in Pennsylvania.

In the Eastern District of Pennsylvania there really were three people charged with being involved in fraud, bribery, in a conspiracy to deprive voters of civil rights, obstruction of justice, falsification of voter records and other fraudulent practices on June 6, 2022.

(1) Former U.S. Congressman Michael “Ozzie”Myers   was charged with stuffing ballot boxes for specific Democratic candidates in the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Pennsylvania elections.

(2) Domenick J. Demuro, was in charge of the 39th Ward, 36th Division in Philly. Demuro’s title was Judge of Elections. Ozzie Myers admitted to bribing Dominic Demuro to illegally add fake votes for certain candidates of their party in the primary elections— some of whom were running for judicial appointments. Domenick got between $400 to $5,000 per election when he practiced “ringing up” the fake votes for Myers’ candidates on Election days, and then certified after the Election that the votes he added were accurate.

(3) Marie Beren was the third fraudster that Myers also admitted to conspiring to commit election fraud with. She was a former Judge of Elections for the 39th Ward, 2nd Division in South Philadelphia. On Election days Myers would give Beren instructions over his cellphone about giving votes to his favored candidates while the voting was going on. Beren and her cohorts then would falsify Polling Books and the List of Voters and Party Enrollment for the 39th, careful to make sure their cheating after the elections would be certified and match the books.

I have many things to say about these people – first of all they were in cahoots, and there were only three of them. But secondly, there was a significant amount of money involved and a lot of fake ballots added to vote counts.

These three fraudsters did not operate like those talked about on TV news programs during 2020. The TV news I saw was focused on people who filled out a second ballot of a deceased relative. Or people who offered to help seniors and then filled in their ballots differently than the individual they collected ballots from wished. Or those who singled out the race of voters they wanted block from counting.

But these three real voter fraudulant individuals in Philadelphia started in 2014 and only made it to 2018 using old fashioned methods like those elections where Americans in the last century used only  paper and pencil.

For those cynics in this century who think there will be no justice done after the January Sixth Committee finishes its work, please think again. The Pennsylvania State Police, the FBI and the Department of Justice did catch these three individuals. All three of the Philly vote fraudsters entered their guilty pleas in court on June 6, 2022.

The Supreme Court may abuse their power and harken backward to the past today, but we cannot afford to harken backward to the days of the early 20th century when political bosses ruled, and paper ballots carried around in wooden boxes made large amounts of voter fraud easier to do. We need the Federal Government to protect voting in every state and make how they secure elections more transparent. And we need them to do this quickly.

It’s truly shocking that all three of these three trusted people were the top insiders in charge for the voting systems they were supposed to protect in their districts. Clearly every State in the Union needs to upgrade their security before our next elections. The wolves were inside the hen house not the lowly volunteer election officials being pilloried today.

No one who is in charge of the people processing votes should be allowed near a voting machine unless they have a proctor overseeing them file only their own personal votes in that election. That practice should go up to the State’s Secretary of State levels and be verified by our Federal Government officials

And I hope too that the January Sixth Committee will take a look at how these three got away with voter fraud for five years in a row!

Source: The United States Department of Justice Office EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA