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Over many decades of sports watching, I’ve become more and more suspicious about the NFL and NBA referees and coaches with each passing year, growing ever surer that there is gigantic game-fixing going on—with no limits on betting that take poor schmucks to the cleaners. It’s billions of dollars we’re talking about. It’s way more than baseball or horse racing betting! It’s Las Vegas gone amok.

Earlier this year I watched a San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors basketball game. Right at the end Derrick White was flailing and so were the other great three point shooters in that team.

The Spurs have beaten a lot of great teams this year but always seemed to peter out at the end and they remain at the bottom of the Western league. Even the Golden State announcers commented about this on TV!

Early this year I learned the word for what I observed in many of those games. Continue reading →