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Fire and Water—How Can We Cope?

Sitting outside on the back patio of my condo in late October, shivering under the weight of two sweaters and a jacket trying to finish work for a client on my computer, in the waning afternoon on a Friday I decided I had to leave the home I’d saved years to buy.

My partner and I had been sleeping on floors and mattresses of friends and family, housesitting, and finally tent camping in the East Bay California hills.

In the campground where we slept each night after finishing work at home, trees grew more barren and the ground grew colder. Each morning, car after car pulled out of the park, leaving only a caravan of gypsies, and two men in a truck who arrived at two a.m. every night after work to sleep for a few hours.

There was no alternative left. I called our homeowner insurance company and let them know we wanted to take them up on their offer of three months rent for a temporary place to live. I was quickly issued a bank card at Wells Fargo bank to use for expenses. Continue reading →

A Word About White Supremacy

Grupo feminista - Spain

Grupo feminista – Spain

“How I survived as the only woman in business school” in the Financial Times on September 1, 2017 is an interview with emeritus Professor of International Accounting, Jöelle Le Vourc’h. It’s a story I really resonated with!

Professor Le Vurc’h’s interviewer, Emma Jacobs, tells us that in 1970, “Jöelle Le Vourc’h contemplated giving up her place at business school in the very first term. The problem was not the course, which she enjoyed, but the isolation and occasional discrimination from students and professors.”

My experience as the only woman in the class of 1970 at the Graduate School of Economics at University of Wisconsin, Madison was quite similar—although it was the preceding year in the graduate school English Department that really set the stage for my alienation from academia.

This was in spite of my deep love for learning, the UW campus, its students, libraries, lakes, and the city of Madison. Continue reading →

Are Fears About an ETF Bubble Warranted?

We have a problem in this country. We aren’t suffering like the rest of the world. At least that seems to be the way the rest of the world views us…

They are waiting for us to slide into the same kind of doldrums they’re experiencing.

A number of financial commentators are talking about the coming stock market crisis in the U.S. Gillian Tett, the editor of the U.S. edition of the Financial Times for example, says “The next crash is hiding in plain sight”. Continue reading →