What’s Really Wrong with Speculation?

The word “speculator” has often been conflated with “entrepreneur,” and both of them tarred with the brush of “con men”.

However, there is a good connotation for entrepreneurs. They are viewed as risk-takes who create new products and businesses. Speculators are seen as risk-takers solely out to make money. But is speculation really a bad thing?

How do economists view speculators? Here’s how one economist sees them. Continue reading →

The Day the Job Market Stood Still

When I was in junior high school, our usual assembly program was a short film shown in a darkened auditorium.

One celluloid image I recall vividly was from a driver safety clip of an accident where the one of the pipes in a truck driver’s load had gone through his body.

A much less horrifying picture is of a Frankenstein movie where one of the peasants threw a giant boulder at the terrified fleeing monster and the huge “rock” bounced high up in the air over his head.

Then, one day there was a noticeable buzz of excitement in the school auditorium. A real live person had showed up to talk to us – a representative from the General Electric Company (GE). He was a young guy wearing a suit and tie and beaming like a little kid with a new toy on the brightly-lit spotlighted stage. Continue reading →

What’s Really Wrong with Google?

Google is the 52nd richest company in the world, exceeding even Facebook at 510th place. The word “google” has even become a verb. What’s not to like?

Well… Google often fails to serve people who search it or the people trying to get their sites noticed. All too often Google’s results completely miss the mark. Continue reading →