Are Vaccines the Answer?

Thanks to the incessant drone of the media and and social media this century there is a huge split between the “right” and “left” in the U.S.

I look at that split and I feel it only goes to serve the ends of the wealthy to become even wealthier at the expense of the rest of us. Here’s how.

Coronavirus-19 seems to have accelerated that split even faster as we watch the death count in our country rising more and more each day. 

If you don’t believe that corruption lies in D.C. take a look at the chart I just posted on Brucenomics. 

In four weeks, the cream of trillions of dollars was skimmed off by Wall Street, while our President said, “Let them drink disinfectant,” and he urged us to go on contaminating each other by not wearing masks. 

Now on the second-and third- rounds of the “stimulus”, things haven’t changed much. Public corporations are getting money and so are foreign students. The death rates are still underestimated and tests and PPE supplies undelivered.

Now our President is promising a miracle cure in just months. Let’s take a look at the left and right responses to this.  The problem I see is that U.S. medical system focuses solely on expensive medications, tests for all kinds of diseases, and elective surgeries or procedures. 

This narrow focus screens out “tried and true” inexpensive ways of creating better health for people. Plus doctors have taken all the responsibility of taking care of our bodies solely upon themselves. 

This often leaves the better practitioners feeling overloaded, and patients having to be passive victims of the more uncaring or incompetent ones in the field, rather than working as partners to improve our own health. 

Plus, we already have too many people who are not insured or not adequately insured for a pandemic like this.  

Leftist media drone daily that rightists don’t rely on facts. I do not think that’s true.

Rightists know a lot of facts, but they seem to rely more on the conspiracy stories that they are bombarded with on Fox and social media about those facts. 

Leftist media stop at the facts as given in print media. Then they start speculating about what facts might mean for the future, a practice I can’t really call “news”.

The left also weave stories, but their stories are based on idealist values that ignore what life is really like for many people in the U.S. 

So, about vaccines?

For years the right has been protesting about having to take vaccines, calling them poisonous, demanding freedom from being forced to take them. 

Personally I’ve shared that view, thinking until this year that my immune system was bulletproof. I’m also allergic to too many medications to count, so I’ve worked myself off of almost all their pills over the years. 

Nevertheless a couple years ago I got a pneumonia shot at Costco. As soon at the needle popped out my little voice said “uh oh”. I knew I was going to be in trouble. Sure enough I got a bad case of pneumonia that lasted over a month. 

So of course I didn’t get a flu shot this year. And at the beginning of the year I got really sick with regular flu. Within two weeks I took antibiotics to prevent pneumonia. It worked to stave off pneumonia, but it took me almost two months of the year to recover. 

Leftists tell me that the flu vaccine for older people got didn’t include the kind of flu we all had. I don’t know if that’s a fact or not. I’ve known younger people who got just as sickened as I did.

But now we have a real killer virus. As a person who observes other people closely, and has worked in services sectors on behalf of other people for decades, and tried to be there for them, I feel have a moral responsibility not to get and pass COVID-19 on to anyone else. That’s what keeps me home. 

Lately our media beams out images of people crowding close together on beaches and elsewhere. The left looks on with moral disapproval and calls that stupidity. The right thinks that is their right to freedom. That and the non-use of masks.

Here’s what I suspect causes rightists to respond with such lack of caution.

Clearly our President is not providing complete testing kits to the states and is urging people to revolt against what experts say..

I feel our President wants Wall Street and his family to be able to skim off the cream on our stimulus programs. They are all wealthy takers of the taxes we had to earn and are forced to pay every year. This is why he isn’t spending money on testing and PPE and paying the states.

Because he claimed the virus is a hoax and hardly any complete tests got sent out,  Americans, right or left, think this invisible murdering virus isn’t really so bad. We’re smart. We look at the odds. 

Gee, the odds are low. Only a few deaths in my county. Or they think, I’m young, I don’t have to worry. And that’s probably true. But no one really knows. So many head for the beach or the hills or their workplaces, and skip wearing the masks.

The Real Hoax – Behind the Vaccines

What I do know is who the President’s promise of a “vaccine for the COVID-19 virus by Christmas” is really going to work for? Not just him, but also…

Giliad Sciences, Inc.! Yeah! The f*^%ers who created a drug named “Solvaldi”  and sold it as a $1,000-a-day miracle drug for Hepatitis C patients six years ago. 

Now Giliad is working on something called Remdesivir (notice that can be pronounced “rem deceiver”) Nice joke hah! Even Jim Cramer and J.P. Morgan are warning “caution” about this company.

And do you know who is working with Giliad? Bill Gates! Yes! If there’s one thing the left and right can agree on – we all dislike like Bill Gates. 

Bill Gates is the guy who got rich making crappy computer products, the crappy computers that got ‘viruses’ right and left. Bill Gates swallowed up every start-up company that made better products than him and crushed them to extinction. 

What’s good old Bill doing now? He’s got a real human virus on his hands now.

He tells media he’s using his ‘charitable’ foundation (i.e., other people’s money) to fund building seven factories to spring into production of virus COVID-19 ‘rem deceiver’ vaccines as soon the FDA passes on the ‘cure’ at the end of this year. 

Think he’s doing this for charitable reasons? Heck no! Bill Gates is investing other people’s money in the companies making those vaccines. He’s going to be a trillionaire after this year, bigger than any government in the world. Bigger than Apple even…

There’s no need to make up conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and Covid-19. Bill loves making lots of money. That’s always been what he’s all about. 

Wake up people! Please see that so-called large ‘charitable’ foundations, right-wing or left-wing, are funnels for making rich people richer. They donate to charities and get tax breaks while using our tax money to get billions of our government money that should be coming back to help us, not them. 

So here’s why stealing our stimulus money is so bad for our economy.

When self-employed people are cheated, it is not just the small business owners who lose. Small businesses can’t get loans for big banks. When a small business or self-employed person loses, they have a family or friends who have supported their business. 

When small businesses or self-employed or independent contractors fail, their families and friends are burned as well. All that rich people do with the money they steal from us goes into investnents to make themselves even richer. They’re out for themselves not us.

If this continues, Poverty is going to be the number one killer in America, not the Coronavirus. 

What’s next?

So are you going to take that vaccine when it comes out? Am I? Probably not. Because it won’t be our decision.

How much is Giliad Sciences, Inc. (GILD stock ticker) going to charge sick people for it? Thousands of dollars a day? Hundreds?

Is the government going to pay for that vaccine for us? Probably not. It will be too expensive. Way more than a bottle of disinfectant costs…

Freedom to go swim in ocean waters or to go back to work isn’t the primary issue here! 

What’s at stake is freedom to stay alive in a system which is skimming off money via fake charities or getting use of tax money from government coffers extracted from the middle class taxes are making the filthy rich richer at everyone else’s expense. 

Before the first stimulus, I called for the money to be spent on the poorer workers first. It’s simple reasoning. The poor have fewer resources and so will spread the virus faster. Protect them protect everyone else.

So what are we all going to do if the government tells us we must take a vaccine? What if that vaccine does work? And people don’t have to die? But no one but the wealthy can afford it? 

Please wake up, everyone! We’re all in jeopardy from this particular cure costing us way more than the disease and making rich people even richer!

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#1 Patrice Fambrini on 05.06.20 at 2:26 pm

Thank you for your impassioned plea!

I’ve taken some of this new downtime
to review historical events and find that
profiteering by the rich during wars and
natural disasters seem to be nothing new
and no big surprise to academicians –
for sure this is sad and maddening;
as it continues into this years general elections.

Also, coupled with this uncomfortable truth
there co-exists a history of writers (such as yourself),
artists, and poets who together with teachers and workers
continue the day to day hope, striving for change.
And fit is this world I am grateful to be a part of.