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What’s Really Wrong with Speculation?

The word “speculator” has often been conflated with “entrepreneur,” and both of them tarred with the brush of “con men”.

However, there is a good connotation for entrepreneurs. They are viewed as risk-takes who create new products and businesses. Speculators are seen as risk-takers solely out to make money. But is speculation really a bad thing?

How do economists view speculators? Here’s how one economist sees them. Continue reading →

The SEC and the Goldman Boys

Trying to keep up with corporate malfeasance, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is running around suing bankers and brokers like a homeowner during a typhoon putting out pails underneath a leaky roof. But the scandal at Goldman Sachs this week is one that the SEC itself created. Continue reading →

Corporate Taxes and Investor Frauds – Updates

This week there are a number of stories that relate to recent posts on Brucenomics.

Corporate taxes

My latest post Corporate Taxes: No More Simplistic Solutions!” talked about President Obama’s proposal to raise the tax on dividends. My opinion is that raising the tax on capital gains make more sense. This week a special feature article in the Financial Times, “Tax treatment of private equity: Questions over a quirk” delves into the issue of taxes paid, or rather not paid, by hedge fund managers. Continue reading →