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Word of the Day – Helicopter Money

Definition of Helicopter Money

“Helicopter money is a proposed unconventional monetary policy, sometimes suggested as an alternative to quantitative easing when the economy is in a liquidity trap”. Wikipedia

This term, invented by Milton Friedman, conservative Economist at the University of Chicago in 1969 to explain how economic stimulus works works, means just what this image brings up. A whole lot of minted money dropped out a helicopter which blows it around to those on the ground.

But where is that ground and who is getting that money?

When we got out of the Financial Crises in 2007, the Fed had $3 to $4 trillion in debt on its books. Get ready for what it has on its balance sheet now—6.37 trillion dollars!

“Since March 11, the Fed created $1.77 trillion and handed it to Wall Street either by purchasing financial instruments or as loans. The sole purpose of this was to inflate asset prices and bail out asset holders.” (Wolf Street, “QE 4 Cut in Half….Fed’s Helicopter Money for Wall Street & the Wealthy Hits $1.8 Trillion in 4 Weeks” 4-9-2020)

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Where Are THE MEDIA? We’re being ATTACKED!

Our Country is BEING ATTACKED!

By whom?  by Saudi Arabia and Russia. Have you heard anything about this? Other than that the U.S. oil producers have been driven into paying their customers to take their oil so they can avoid storage costs for it? Do you know what caused this glut on the market? Probably not!

In mid spring 2020 Saudi Arabia sent 20 oil tankers speeding towards the Gulf Coast of the U.S. They are planning to arrive in Texas and Louisiana in May in order to flood the oil market in the U.S. and drop prices of U.S. oil even further than today’s prices.

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Public Health experts are trying their best to protect people from losing their lives. Meanwhile Congress is going on the biggest spending binge ever. And don’t they just love bickering over that?

They live for that, even while gleaning information that lets them sell stock to profit themselves or get grants called ‘pork’ for their states

Two trillion dollars???

Here’s the facts about that. My Alma Mater’s beloved former Chancellor, Donna Shalala now lives in Florida. Shalala was on MSNBC news today in her role as a former Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton from 1993-2001.

After chastising the Florida governor for his slow response in combatting the virus, she began shilling on the value of this huge sellout. She wasn’t dishonest about that. She even admitted they need another gigantic spending bill to compensate for what this one leaves out.

Here’s the ‘tell’ in what she said. She said that people should get most of their salaries. SALARIES. You know who gets salaries – managers of huge companies!

Ordinary workers get WAGES. And there are tons of those kinds of workers, who work for corporations and what the government calls “small businesses, a label that is almost a euphemism for entrepreneurs in the oil and gas, REIT or other lucrative companies that get huge tax breaks.

Shalala wasn’t dishonest about that.

Shalala said straight out that poor people were omitted from todays binge sale of taxpayer money. Make no mistake. She meant the homeless, independent contractors and self-employed. None of us make salaries!

Again and again, poor people are always neglected and told to wait. Wait for what? Starvation or death?

We all know there won’t be any third bill passed. Or if there, is it will just give money to the middle class to buy us off from protesting.

My junior high school hall-monitor lesson

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