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Fat Finger? No Way!

Are you a “dumb investor”? Do you really think a “fat finger,” i.e., a typo, brought about the stock market crash last Wednesday morning? I’ve just finished a book called Dark Pools. It says NO WAY.

Have you yet realized that your pension fund or 401(k) is short, or likely to be short, of being enough to live on — even with Social Security? Do you have any idea that’s because wealthy traders are raiding your retirement funds?

Do you know that 70 percent of the stock market is now dominated by high-speed trading? These high speed traders are “gaming” stock exchanges around the world and and cheating both you and your retirement plan managers out of billions, if not trillions, of dollars!

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Wrecking Ball – Holding On While Letting Go

In “Fat Finger? No Way” I reviewed a book called Dark Pools. It explores how high-speed traders are siphoning off money from stock exchanges, institutional investors, and retail investors (“dumb money”).

Several people said my post made them furious, but what could they do about it? Before I share my thoughts about what might be done, I want to share a couple of personal stories and say a bit about Bruce Springsteen’s new album, Wrecking Ball. Financial reform, like the creative destruction of businesses, is going to take holding on while letting go of the past!

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Brokers Rake in Record Payoffs – No Matter What

Americans got ripped off during the financial crisis. Right? Nope! That began decades earlier when financial wizards invented a myth called the “efficient market hypothesis” based on Burton Malkiel’s Random Walk.

The Random Walk

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